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    We built many versions of LTK to ensure that there is a best one available for you!

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    LTK At Home
    LTK For Schools
    Single Station
    LTK For Schools
    LTK At Home
    Demo Version
    # Students Supported 2 unlimited unlimited N/A
    Networkable No No Yes No
    USB  Attached to Student PC Yes Yes No No
    Students Must Use Same Student PC Yes Yes No Yes
    5 Levels of Student Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Batch Reporting Available No Yes Yes No
    # Card Decks Included 1 1 4 0**
    Printed User Guide Included No* Yes Yes No**
    Sign On Via Password No Yes Yes No
    Assign Makeup Lesson No Yes Yes No
    Set Starting Lesson Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Automatic Placement Test Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Spanish and English Instruction Yes Yes Yes No

    * User’s Guide is contained on the LTK Flash Drive in Adobe® .PDF format.

    **User’s Guide and LTK Card Deck is contained as part of the download in Adobe® .PDF format.

    Language Tune-Up Kit is a Dyslexia Reading Program that teaches students about phonemic awareness first, building up to advanced phonics lessons.

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