Oral Words

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The Oral Words section promotes the learning of new words. Here, the students read a particular word, record their pronunciation for that word and compare it with the [...]

Dictate Words

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The 'dictate words' activity is particularly useful in developing the vocabulary of your child with correct spellings. In this activity, the LTK dictates a word and the students [...]

Syllables in Words

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This activity shows how words could be broken down into syllables thereby giving students an understanding about the formation of words with phonic sounds and syllables. Examples words: [...]

Digraph Words

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LTK displays digraph words in which the students should identify the digraph letters within it. For instance, in the word, 'rhubarb', the students need to enter the diagraph [...]

Plural Words

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The 'Plural' words activity aids in the learning of plurals. The LTK displays a plural word and then the students should enter the singular form of the word. [...]

Words, Sounds, Letters

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The 'words, sounds, letters' activity is used to teach the concept of word construction. Here, the LTK asks three questions about a word. For example, for the word [...]