Student Groups

Groups feature is powerful. A student can be assigned to multiple group names, which allows the organization providing literacy education to track student time and progress easily and with minimal data entry. For example, a student can be identified as a member of the group named 4th Grade Resource Room and can also be assigned to another group named Mr. Jones.

There are three reserved groups:

  1. Above Average—students whose current reading skills approximate the third or fourth grade level.  These students consistently score at 90 percent or higher.  Students assigned to this group will receive fewer repetitions than other students.
  2.  Average—students whose scores are consistently above the Mastery objective (which is 80 percent for most lesson activities).                     
  3. Below Average—students whose current reading skills are around the preschool to first grade level or who have a higher than average number of errors.  These students may also have significant hearing difficulties and will require more repetitions than most other students.  Typical scores for this type of student are in the range of 50 percent to 70 percent.  Students assigned to this group will receive more repetitions than other students and have a Mastery objective of 70 percent