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    Game Double or Not

    Double the fun for children with 'Game Double or Not'!

    The ‘Game Double or Not‘ activity displays three letters of a word and tests the students’ word building skills by asking them if the word is complete or requires an additional similar letter to form a meaningful word. If the word requires an additional letter, the student click ‘yes’ and if the word is complete by itself, they click ‘no’.

    For instance, the letters ‘Hil’ do not make up a word and an additional ‘l’ is required to form ‘hill’; therefore, the students click ‘yes’. On the other hand, the letters ‘Ben’ make up a word and an additional letter is not required. Here, the students should click ‘no’.

    In this activity, the LTK displays 10 words in sequence at a time for the students to answer. At the end of the activity, it lets the students know as to how many of their answers were right and wrong.


    Language Tune-up Kit - Game-Double-or-Not

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